New For 2018! Sentry Boats purchases New Safety Boat


Sentry Boats have added a new vessel to the fleet due to the high safety demands of working on rivers and estuaries – a Pioner polyethylene boat with drop down bow to add to speed with which a casualty can be brought safely aboard without further injury.

Although we offer RIBs as a standard safety boat it is not always the ideal solution.

Sentry Safety Boats have worked in the safety boat industry for many years. We at Sentry recognised a hard boat is sometimes a better option when coming alongside jetties. Generally there are many hazards to mooring a RIB alongside – the very nature of inflatable boats tends to be they deflate very quickly when punctured!! Pioner Multi was seen to be a solution when mooring overnight ready for the early start next day.

The Pioner Multi with the catamaran like hull is more efficient and planes easily offering off the mark speed to rush to incidents quickly with no dramas, minimum wash (a big thing when recovering a casualty), high visibility and a unique bow entry system that can be easily lowered by winch to recover at the bow giving crew and skipper control. The bow can be raised when on transit to shore and lowered to give emergency egress to the shore. The door is wide enough to permit most wheelchairs, which makes loading heavy or bulky items effortless.

Thanks to a soft entry bow and  designed catamaran-like hull, the Pioner Multi has superb sea keeping abilities yet it still gives you a carrying capacity of over one metric tonne!

Many of the UK Emergency services use Pioner Multi hulls for these purposes but it also makes an excellent work boat.

All Sentry boats come with MCA Category codes and Safety Equipment.