Sentry Boats Enters Hollywood – Safety Boat during Filming in Dunkirk

Camera Boat

February 2018 and winter arrives with a bang as Sentry I heads to Dunkirk, France.

As Hollywood enters Amazon Prime, box collections are now the new blockbuster. Filming of Patriot, Season 2, began in Dunkirk during the first week in February.  Sentry Boats were commissioned to provide safety boat cover whilst filming took place off the beaches of Dunkirk. It was very sad to think that so many men lost their lives on these very beaches during World War II.

Typically, production teams planned this so far in advance it was impossible to predict the weather. We were faced with wind-chill temperatures of minus 15C and frequent snow showers.

Sentry I Dunkirk                    Sentry I Dunkirk 2


The dot in the water is the poor actor, Michael Dorman (not a stunt man) – needless to say he wasn’t in the water very long before being recovered. The water temperature was 5C!

Sentry I Dunkirk 3


Although the working conditions were very harsh and cold, the overall job was an absolute pleasure due to the hospitality shown to us whilst in Dunkirk from the locals and the production company – it certainly made our work much easier.