Our Services

UK Reservoir Survey Service

For more than 20 years, we have provided afloat support to projects as diverse as:

    ● Civil engineering (construction, wind farms, ports, sea terminals)
    ● Survey (bridges, river banks, sea defences, canals)
    ● Bridge repairs and maintenance
    ● Bank and canal repairs and maintenance
    ● Dive operations
    ● Event safety cover
    ● Energy and utilities projects
    ● Maritime construction
    ● Filming and TV
    ● Flood defence maintenance and construction
    ● Environmental projects
    ● Emergency and flood response
    ● Scaffolding
    ● Pollution control
    ● Tourism

Our boats, equipment and crews are available for short or long-term hire and, in most cases, can be dispatched quickly anywhere in the United Kingdom.

Our diverse fleet has craft and personnel suited to coastal, estuary, river and inland waters, with all terrain vehicles giving us access to remote launch sites.

Our team is 100% flexible - working weekdays, weekends and nights to help your project stay on schedule.